New Year's Kabuki Performance, The World of Mansaku & Mansai

A Kyogen performance by the『Mansaku no Kai』led by Mansaku Nomura, a living national treasure, and Mansai Nomura, who is active in a variety of fields including contemporary drama and film.
Please enjoy this performance together with the「Kyogen lecture」!


Feb.5.2022 / 2:00pm



Nov.27.2021 / 10:00am-


Nov.20.2021 / 10:00am-






Commentary Ren Naito


Kyogen Kagyu

Artists Yamabushi-Mansai Nomura、Master-Yukio Ishida、Tarokaja-Hiroharu Fukada、Guardian-Haruo Tsukizaki

●Synopsis & Highlights
While a Yamabushi is resting in a bamboo grove on his way home after completing his ascetic training, Tarokaja comes to catch a cochlea (snail), which is said to be a medicine for long life, at the order of his master. When Tarokaja thought the Yamabushi was a cochlea and called out to him, the Yamabushi pretended to be a cochlea and teased him. Yamabushi also taught Tarokaja the musical words of the snail, hoping that he would accompany him if he got carried away…

It’s a fun piece of work that will make you feel happy and excited. The musical phrase “den-den mushi-mushi” appears several times, so let’s get carried away with the characters.


Katari Nasu no Yoichi Story

Artist Shuichi Nakamura、Guardian-Ren Naito

●Synopsis & Highlights
It was during the battle of Yashima between the Minamoto and Heike clans. From the Heike side of the sea, a boat with a fan upraised rowed out. At the suggestion of Sanemoto Goto Hyoue, Yoshitsune, a general of the Minamoto clan, summoned Munetaka Nasu Yoichi, an expert archer, and ordered him to aim the fan. At first, Yoichi was adamant, but Yoshitsune’s strict orders forced him to comply. Yoichi rides his horse into the water, but he has trouble aiming with the small boat swaying in the waves. So he prayed to Shinmei, and the target mysteriously became still for a moment. The arrow hit the target and the fan fluttered and fell in the waves of the dusk. The two armies of the Minamoto and Heike clans praised Yoichi, and he was given the blessing of the general Yoshitsune.

This narrative is performed as a special staging for the intermission of the Noh play “Yashima,” and is based on the famous episode of Nasu Yoichi hitting the target of a fan. It is a typical tradition of Kyogen and can be performed independently of Noh. The spectacular performance of the roles of Nasu Yoichi, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Sanemoto Goto Hyoue, and other characters by a single actor draws the audience in.


Kyogen Shuron

Artist Jodo monk-Mansaku Nomura、Buddhist monk-Naito Ren、Innkeeper-Yuuki Takeyama、Guardian-Hiroharu Fukada

●Synopsis & Highlights
A Buddhist priest on his way back from Mt. Minobu and a Jodo priest on his way back from Zenkoji Temple become companions, but when they learn that they are both members of the same sect, they argue with each other to convert to their own sect. The Buddhist monk, disgusted with the situation, tries to make an excuse to leave, but the Jodo monk insists on following him. When the Buddhist monk could no longer take it anymore, he fled to the inn, and the Jodo monk followed him in, and now they began to argue about religious doctrines. The two became more and more serious…

This masterpiece highlights the contrasting expressions of softness and stiffness between the Jodo monk and the Buddhist monk, fighting against the backdrop of religious conflicts in the Middle Ages. What will be the end result of their quarrel? Please enjoy the strange dialogue between the two.




Feb.5.2022 / Start2:00pm Open1:15pm

There will be a Kyogen lecture before the show! 11:00am / Door opens at 10:30am Artist:Hiroharu Fukada, Shuichi Nakamura


Saitama Hall / Large Hall

Program & Artists

Commentary, Kyogen『Kagyu』, Katari『Nasu-no-Yoichi』, Kyogen『Shuron』

Presented by

Mansaku Nomura, Mansai Nomura, Yukio Ishida, Hiroharu Fukata, Haruo Tsukizaki, Yuuki Takeyama, Shuichi Nakamura, Naito Ren

Presented by

Saitama Arts Foundation

Artist Profile

Mansaku Nomura


Born in 1931. Designated as a living national treasure (Important Intangible Cultural Property) and a Person of Cultural Merit. Studied under his grandfather, the late Mansai Nomura the First, and his father, the late Manzo Nomura the Sixth. Graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Waseda University. Leader of “Mansaku no Kai”. The elegant performance, with its light, stylish and precise expression and deep emotion, is the pinnacle of Kyogen. Contributed to the popularization of Kyogen in Japan and abroad. Has been a visiting professor at the University of Hawaii and the University of Washington. He has been working for many years on “Tsuri Kitsune”, a secret piece in which the best of Kyogen techniques are used, and won the Grand Prize at the Art Festival for his performance. Has received many awards including Kinokuniya Theatre Award, Japan Art Academy Award, Matsuo Performing Arts Award, Medal with Purple Ribbon, Tsubouchi Shoyo Award, Asahi Award, Order of the Rising Sun, Chunichi Culture Award, and Japan Society Award. As a Kyogen performer, often tries new challenges such as “Pierrot lunaire”, “Great Meridian”, “Akie”, “Hora-Samurai”, and “Atsushi: Sangatsuki, Meijinden”, laying the foundation for the rise of Kyogen to the present day. In recent years, has been working on a revival of “Narayama Bushiko” with great success. Published “Living Kyogen” (Asahi Press).

Mansai Nomura


Born in 1966. Studied under his grandfather, the late Manzo Nomura VI, and his father, Mansaku Nomura. Designated as an important intangible cultural property. Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Leader of “Kyogen Gozarunoza”. Participated in many Kyogen and Noh performances in Japan and abroad, contributing to the popularization of the art form. And has also played leading roles in modern dramas, films and TV dramas, and directed a wide range of works using classical techniques, such as the stage productions of “Atsushi: Sangetsuki Meijinden”, “Kuninusubito” and “Great Meridian”. Has demonstrated his extraordinary ability in various fields and has contributed greatly to the recognition of Kyogen. As a Kyogen performer living in the modern age, he questions the state of Kyogen through all his activities. In 1994, moved to the UK under the Agency for Cultural Affairs’ Overseas Study Program for Artists. Received the Art Festival Newcomer’s Award, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s Newcomer’s Award, the Asahi Performing Arts Award, the Kinokuniya Theatre Award, the Mainichi Art Award’s Senda Koreya Award, and the Yomiuri Theatre Award’s Best Work Award. Artistic Director of Setagaya Public Theatre. Director of the Ishikawa Prefectural Music Hall. Guest professor at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Yukio Ishida


Born in 1949. Studied under Mansaku Nomura. Designated as an important intangible cultural property. An important performer in the Nomura family, which already has a number of outstanding stage performances. Already given the first performances of the major works “Sanbaso”, “Tsuri Kitsune” and “Hanako”. Participated in many Kyogen and Noh performances both in Japan and abroad, contributing to spread the art. Awarded the Grand Prize at the Art Festival for the “Sohnokai” which he led, and the Kanze Hisao Memorial Hosei University Noh Award for his individual performance. With his dynamic and precise acting, has a strong presence not only in the classics, but also in new attempts at theatrical performance such as “Kuninusubito”. Also known for his accurate commentary in popular performances.

Hiroharu Fukata


Born in 1967. Studied under Mansaku Nomura. Completed the fourth stage of training for Noh sanyaku at the National Noh Theatre. Member of the Nohgaku Association. Member of “Kyogen Zazanza”, a study group of Mansaku’s family. Already performed “Nasu no Yoichi Story”, “Sanbaso”, “Tsuri Kitsune”, “Kanaoka” and others, and has appeared as one of the performers of “Mansaku no Kai” in Kyogen and Noh performances in Japan and abroad. Teaches Kyogen classes and workshops at Asahi Culture Center and other venues throughout Japan, and is dedicated to the spread of Kyogen. Leader of the “Kyogen Yattona Association” in his hometown, Oita.

Haruo Tsukizaki


Born in 1964. Studied under Mansaku Nomura. Member of the Nohgaku Association. Member of “Kyogen Zazanza”, a study group of Mansaku’s family. One of the performers of “Mansaku no Kai” and has performed “Nasu no Yoichi Story” and “Sanbaso” in Japan and abroad. Also teaches at the Asahi Culture Center and other workshops around the country to promote Kyogen.




S 6,000yen  A 4,500yen  B 3,000yen
U25* 2,000yen
SAFMembers  S 5,400yen  A 4,100yen  B 2,700yen

*Ages 25 and under/Proof of eligibility must be shown for U25 concessions at the entrance of the theater/hall on the day of the performance.


Nov.27.2021 / 10:00am-
【SAFMembers 】Nov.20.2021 / 10:00am-


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